Type: club

Address: 1403 Chestnut St
Milton-Freewater, OR 97862

Frazier Farmstead Museum - Milton-Freewater Area Historical Society

This late 19th century farmhouse is now a living history museum which contains furnishings and articles of daily living from the 19th century.  Adjoining the main building are a carriage house, and turn of the century barn which illustrate what life on a 19th century farm was like.

Most of the furnishings within the home are the original furniture pieces from when the home was built in 1892.  Downstairs are a sumptuous living and dining room with adjoining kitchen and bath - upstairs a drawing room or study, sewing/spinning room, master bedroom, and children's room.  Each room contains artifacts from the time period such as 19th century clothing, serving dishes, children's toys, looms and spinning wheels, weapons, books, and various other furniture pieces and articles of daily living from the time period.

A tour of this museum will give one an incredible view into the past, a walk back into time.