Type: religious

Address: 13 SW 8th Ave
Milton-Freewater, OR 97862

First Community Church of God

Who We Are

This church is affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Association of churches in the Church of God (Anderson, IN) which is a denomination rooted in the Revivalist Holiness tradition.  If that doesn’t tell you anything, don’t worry about it.

What we really are, is a group of friends from many different backgrounds who have found fellowship together in our faith in Jesus Christ. 

Our purpose is...

To introduce people to Jesus

and to intentially walk beside each other

as we walk with God.

 What We Do

Basically, we do three things. These are very interrelated.

 WORSHIP.  In music, scripture, prayer and communion, we come together   and  remind  ourselves  of who we are, who God is and what He has done for us. It is a practice designed to give perspective for the mind, refreshment for the spirit and healing for the heart.

 FELLOWSHIP.  The belief that a person can live a life that pleases God without participating in a group of believers is a selfish or misguided lie.  So we do things together: worship, sing, pray, eat, celebrate, grieve, study, eat, make apple cider, eat. You get the idea. We sometimes drive each other crazy but we never fight. Yet.

 DISCIPLESHIP.  A disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ (as opposed to a follower of the world, society, the culture, etc.)  We certainly do not claim perfection in this, but it is our desire to be the people Jesus wants us to be; not just while at church, but in our homes, at work, at school, wherever we are.  For the direction we need, we look to the Bible, we pray, we worship, we study together and support each other.  God is love and He still speaks.

 If this interests you at all, please consider joining us as we try to follow the One who saved us, Jesus Christ.